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A Hands-On Hair Painting & Coaching Workshop


Education in Hair Painting:

One-on-One or Small Group

Master the Art of Hand-Painted Balayage with my Exclusive Workshop! If you've always wanted to learn and fully comprehend everything about Hand-Painted Balayage, this is your chance!


My one-on-one or small group Balayage Workshops will take you through my Dimensonal Balayage placement. You'll work alongside me, painting section-by-section to gain a complete understanding of the placement and product knowledge.

Two techniques, one class! The workshop concludes with a look-and-learn demonstration of my Reverse Balayage technique. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your skills to the next level! With this class, not only will you master the technical and formulation skills of hair painting, but you'll have the confidence to take your new skills back to the salon!


In order to take it slow and steady this class will be demonstrated using only mannequin heads.

Interested in attending with friends or a small group? Receive a discount of $100 per ticket when booking with a friend or group of up to five people.

In this session, you will learn (but not limited to):

  • Purposeful Placement

  • Balayage Application

  • Secrets to achieving proper lift

  • Product knowledge 

  • Consistency and mixing ratios

  • How to acheive the perfect face frame/money piece

  • Reverse Balayage Demonstration 

How it works:

  • Workshop Cost $850

  • Email Melissa at to purchase your ticket.

  • Together we will choose a date for your session 

  • You will meet me at my studio in St Joseph, MI

  • All you need to bring is a mannequin head and styling tools- I'll cover the rest!

  • Lunch will be ordered and provided

   *** All tickets are final sale ***


Booking Information: About Us
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