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All specialty services include Custom Gloss, Bond Protection/Treatment + Signature Style 


Full Balayage 200+ 

Maximum placement of painted highlights 


Half Balayage 170+ 

Partial Painted Highlight placement used for maintaining your balayage 


Reverse Balayage 230+

Reverse Balayage technique used to correct lines and/or create depth 


Foilyage 240+ 

Custom Highlight placement & ColorMelt used to create a lived-in look 

Half Foilyage 200+ 

Custom Highlight placement & ColorMelt used for maintaining previous color


Base (grey coverage) 80 

Base (grey coverage) add on to balayage service 30

Saphira Mineral De-Frizz Treatment 200

Malibu Wellness Treatment 40 

Treatment to remove buildup and discoloration from hard water minerals 

Signature Blow-dry and Curl 40


Haircut 50 


Color Gloss 50 

Translucent tone added over highlights to enhance or neutralize existing tone, used for maintenance


Root Smudge 40 

Translucent color added to diffuse foil lines at the root and create a lived in color  


Extra Product 10 per bowl 

Thicker or longer hair requires added color 


*All appointments are custom and can include multiple services at the same time 

*Color corrections, big transformations or anything over 3hrs is a flat rate of $80 per hour (this will be discussed prior to appointment) 

Services : Services
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